Male Life Model

- drawing inspiration from the body

I regularly pose together with a female model. For artists who may have attended countless conventional life classes with a single model this adds an inspiring new dimension.  Two models can create complex abstract shapes and poses with emotional power, ranging from attraction and tenderness to aggression. There are technical challenges in drawing two people and handling perspective. The energy levels in sessions with two models are noticeably higher.

If you would like to hold a duo session, I can book the female model as well.  I can also arrange sessions with models in the other gender combinations or with larger groups of models.

University College London Union - Tutor: Fabia Claris

20 May 2016

Session for 'Life Enhancing' - Princes Risborough

13 March 2016

Duo Life Drawing Sessions

27 November 2016 - Female model: Esther -


29 January 2017 - Female model: Carla from Art Model Collective

2 April 2017 - Female model: Freespirit